Shout or go along quietly, no-one cares and no-one's listening. But shouting at least makes you feel better.

The Verve said "The Drugs Don't Work, They Just Make It Worse." These days there's a pill for everything - a headache, a blocked nose, a baby or an unhappy sex life. All this, cured with a little capsule? Who Could Resist?

Am I crazy? If so, by debating with myself my sanity could be either detrimental or helpful. Neither is sanity so clearcut. Everyday you see crazy people - people smoking and drinking away all the money they have, pissing life away with stress, worry and the other tedious bullshit that makes up most of their modern life. So, by throwing off these shackles of sanity's pre-arranged society, does that make me crazy? Or am I simply not you, not like you, not like anything or anyone you want, but need in the way life needs a parasite. A non-conformist, a strike at society's heart. But In The End, who knows? not me. I'm "Crazy".

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