Right, now something more serious. This time round, it's love, and my opinions on the subject, which are many and varied. Love is not lust, or romance. It's something deeper, in my view.

And, from that view, I have spawned many more. In my opinion, there is no true love, no love at first sight. True love implies there is only one person for you, but imagine marrying that person, and them dying. You'd find another, maybe you wouldn't love them as much, but you could find one, and you'd love again. Pining away for an unattainable love is foolish, as is tying yourself down in the search.

Love shouldn't be constrained, it should be spread around. Take another girlfriend, have a casual relationship with someone you barely know. You might find something out about yourself, or them. What can you lose? Your sanity, sure enough, but is that even yours to begin with?

Live free, love free, and be free. It's something that can't be taxed, or controlled. I honestly think that everyone should have that, a relationship with no boundarys, no restrictions. Sleep and love with men, women of any nationality, any way of life. Be free, above all, be free.

You might think that I say is disgusting, but take a moment and think about it, consider it carefully, have a thought. It may not be as insane as you think - it's easier to view something with disgust than understanding.

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