FILED APRIL 19, 2007
This file is classified BALIN-02, MONMOUTH-01, BEDIVERE-02

Title: Crey Industries drug-based weapons research disruption
Patroller on Case: Stalking Shadow, Consultant
Location: Venice District, Paragon City, Rhode Island


Stalking Shadow has come across anomalies in certain internal Crey memos recovered (and attached to this report) after private investigation into the organization following his deputization as a tactical consultant within DPUS. These memos indicated a strong, previously unknown research presence in the Venice “Crey’s Folly” district of Paragon City. Stalking Shadow successfully infiltrated the compound with targeted use of lethal force, and uncovered a program to use the substance Contrapasso (see: Vitriol Investigation, Case Report 6-17-0330). Unfortunately, in order to rescue a present hostage, Stalking Shadow was compelled to use lethal force to neutralize the hostage’s most immediate threat, which led to a general alarm among the researchers. Stalking Shadow proceeded to neutralize the threats to himself and the hostage. Only one suspect survived the firefight, and was taken to the Zigursky C.F. for immediate medical care. Stalking Shadow evacuated the compound with the hostage, Judy Ibarra, who is being debriefed at a Dawn Patrol safe house.


Internal Crey Memo dated Feb. 02, 2007 (Four (4) pages)
Internal Crey Memo dated Feb. 05, 2007 (One (1) page)
Internal Crey Memo dated Mar. 01, 2007 (One (1) page)
Internal Crey Memo dated Mar. 07, 2007 (Fifteen (15) pages)
Internal Crey Memo dated Mar. 15, 2007 (Four (4) pages)
Internal Crey Memo dated Mar. 22, 2007 (Four (4) pages)
Internal Crey Memo dated Mar. 29, 2007 (Three (3) pages)
Internal Crey Memo dated Apr. 06, 2007 (Four (4) pages)
Internal Crey Memo dated Apr. 13, 2007 (Twenty (20) pages, details security increase request)
Recovered Vitriol Sample from Laboratory (NOTE: Classified Substance: MERLIN-13 REQUIRED)
Recovered documents from Laboratory (5GB, assorted PDFs, spreadsheets, and DOC files)
Confiscated Security Footage (30GB MPEG)
Compound layout and blueprints (10MB CAD file)


((This report is tied to the following roleplay: "Hell Hath No Fury"))


This operative believes that the loss of life on this operation was wholly avoidable, and inadmissible in light of his record and primarily due to this operative’s inability to cope with certain stresses in the field. Therefore, this operative will seek psychiatric or psychological therapy while he avoids all cases involving precision infiltrations until such a time that a designated therapist or Dawn Patrol psychoanalyst finds him fit for extended solo duty.

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