FILED May 10, 2007
This file is classified BALIN-02, MONMOUTH-01, BEDIVERE-02

Title:Operation Wheel of Fortune: Arcane Artifact Recovery
Patroller on Case: PAX Lawbringer
Location: Paragon City, Rhode Island

After Action Report File #6-086-0005 Operation Wheel of Fortune:

During a base tour led by my being with Dawn Patrol applicant Lion-Hearted, an urgent call was received by Sgt Darling from Azuria. The arcane artifact known as the 'Wheel of Destruction' had been stolen from the M.A.G.I. vaults. As the only onsite active patroller this operation was given unto my being. Gathered intel indicated that the Banished Pantheon priest Ashron was attempting to use the power of the wheel to open a portal to allow the return of his gods to Dirt.

Applicant Lion Hearted volunteered to accompany myself on this dangerous mission. Once onsite she aquited herself with much skilled use of her melee weapon. As a partner she ably took advantage of both terrain and such things as my defensive radiation fields to best advantage, ably targeting the most correct threat in any encounter. She knows when to press an attack and when to hold.

Her keen awareness allowed her directly to aid in the discovery and recovery of two of the four pieces of the Wheel but also she located the nascent portal site so that it could closed. Her blade struck the blow that rendered Ashron unconscious and allowed for his capture. With the Wheel recovered the portal closed and Ashron and his various cultists captured, this operation was a complete sucess. The applicant's role in this success cannot be denied.

Applicant Lion Hearted has this Patroller's approval and would be an able member of the Dawn Patrol in the opinion of this being.

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