"Quanczeirx no Jutsu!" --Artist (and downY)

DROCCM is an extremely biased society of high schoolers (and a few middle schoolers). It was created in 2005 after a high school football game by the K-PreZ. I am downY, a relatively new member. I am also the only member who was been in all three branches of DROCCM: Temp-DROCCM, DROPPM, and DROCCM. I was originally a temporary member, but then DROPPM was created, into which I was integrated (this is the proper term to be used when describing entrance to DROPPM). Enough about me, though. DROCCM is actually an acronym. Unfortunately, though, I do not know what it stands for. Only the founders know the true meaning. They have many contingency plans to keep non-founding members from learning it. I would share them, but it is very possible that I would be chastised for my actions. Members excluding the afore-mentioned include, but are not limited to Chef, Secretary, Treasurer, Pryst, Keoj, Asst. Maskot, Angel, and others. This is almost the entirety of my knowledge of DROCCM, but I plan to add more as I become more enlightened.


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