Advanced Excel

Excel is a technology that helps both the teacher and student become more organized and efficient.

This technology is applicable to life and physical sciences.

Ideas for Innovation applications

  • Students can enter data into excel for their labs.
  • Students can also make tables that correspond to their data.
  • Excel can be used to teach students about topics, such as standard error.

Ideas for Efficiency applications

  • Excel organizes grades for the teacher and it makes it easier to calculate averages.
  • Gets rid of the use for heavy gradebooks.
  • Excel helps the students become more organized with their data.

Ideas for Community applications

  • Students can share their ideas with their classmates.
  • Parents may be able to view their child's grades through excel if linked by the teacher.
  • If linked to a classroom page, students can look at other students' data.

Disadvantages, pitfalls, or hazards

  • Excel may be difficult to understand and may confuse the students.
  • There is a chance the computer could contract a virus and lose all the year's grades and student data.

Related technologies

Links for more information

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Advanced Excel Extras

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