Dissection simulation

Description of technology

• Digital Frog: A full interactive frog dissection, including all major body systems, an in-depth anatomy section, and an investigation of the diversity and ecology of frogs. Features a fully interactive dissection with full-screen videos and over 70 anatomy screens covering every system in the body, with comparisons to humans. Applicable mostly to life science.

More information available at [1]

• New way of conducting lab activities became available through use of NEOTEK. Its developers created the first true 3 dimensional displays for Windows®. They have a lot of new and exciting educational titles from the biggest names in science.

Life Sciences : Cat Dissection Laboratory, Frog Dissection Laboratory, Cellular Structure, DryLab Fetal Pig, DryLab Crayfish, DryLab Perch, DryLab Rat, DryLab Frog, DryLab Worm

Human Anatomy: Human Anatomy Laboratory (Vols. I & II), Skeleton In Depth, Heart In Depth,Upper Limb In Depth.

Space Science, Earth Science and Ecology : NASA's Mission To Mars,NASA's Tour of The Solar System, EcoEdVentures Spring Walk In The Woods, EcoEdVentures Summer Walk In The Woods, EcoEdVentures Autumn Walk In The Woods , EcoEdVentures Winter Walk In The Woods

More information available at: [2]

Ideas for Innovation applications

  • Before the development of this technology labs were messy and unpleasant. Many students would refuse to participate in the activities. Some of them felt it was immoral whereas others simply considered it to be disgusting. With the use of the Digital Frog Lab all these problems can be easily overcome. There is no need to have students around harmful chemicals ( formaldehyde). Lab activities can be clean and safe.
  • Students who were not able to participate in the lab activities because of an illness or any other reason can easily make it up. Teachers do not have to arrange for additional lab sessions.

Ideas for Efficiency applications

  • Studies have shown that students who learn from dissection alternatives—including interactive computer programs and videos—do as well as or better on anatomy tests than students who learn by dissecting animals. According to a study published in The American Biology Teacher, two groups of high school students performed equally well on a test following either an interactive videodisc simulation or animal dissection.

Ideas for Community applications

With dissection simulation there is no need for special settings or lab supervisors. Students can review activities at home. They can even share their experiences with their parents and friends.

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