EcoBeaker by BioQuest

EcoBeaker by BioQuest is an interactive biology simulation for teaching and research. It covers the topics of evolutionary biology, environmental science and ecology.

Ideas for Innovation applications

  • Students can learn about real life issues and use the simulations to see negative and positive effects and think of solutions to the issues i.e. the
    • i.e. Students can learn about the issues related to the use of pesticides and work through the effects using the Biological Pest Control Simulation.

Ideas for Efficiency applications

  • Students can learn about a topic and go through a couple of simulations to reinforce what they learned in one class period.
  • Students can run through more case studies in a given time period and still have time to compare with other students.

Ideas for Community applications

  • Students can work in groups through the differnt simulations.
  • Students can do presentations about what they learned from the simulations.
  • Students can debate real life issues using what they learn from the simulations
    • i.e. In the Go Fish simulation, students have to decide on a strategy for fishing that maximizes their profits while minimizing extinction risks. Students would have to debate which strategy is best.

Disadvantages, pitfalls, or hazards

  • Schools may not have the technology in the classroom to implement such a program.
  • Prices of Simbiotic Software Packages are expensive
    • i.e. $995.00 classroom license for all the labs, $1195 for schoolwide network license

Related technologies

  • Dissection simulation

Links for more information

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