File Hosting

What is file hosting??

  • A place to host or save files, photos, power point presentation, etc. on the World Wide Web!

What is file hosting good for??

  • File hosting makes available a place for these files
  • to be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • to be accessed by anybody - i.e. your students

Why should you care about file hosting??

  • It's a good resource for transfering different types of files to other media you are working with!
  • For example Moving a picture into your blog, like we practiced in DTSE class

How do you register for file hosting??

NOTE For our class, there is file hosting directly from the [DTSE File Hosting Page]

Web Hosting UK - Place to register file hosting.

How do you register for DTSE File Hosting??

  • First things first, click on the register link
  • Fill-in the fields with the appropriate information. REMEMBER: To record your username,password,and email address on your pink sheet!!
  • Check your email account (the one that you used for registration) - there should be an email there for you

to confirm registration

  • Confirm registration
-Now, I did not receive a confirmation email, and was able to log in - So, if you did not receive an email

try logging in anyways. If you cannot log in and did not receive a confirmation email, contact [Chris]

Step by Step Upload Instructions

  • Ok, so the assignment is to upload a picture for a lesson on bird migration. Now, pictures take up a lot of room on your home computer's hard drive...===GUESS WHAT??!?=== You can upload it to the file hosting site...
Step 1. Find a picture would like to use on your class lesson on bird migration.

This is one I found: [Bird Migration-Robin Pic]

Step 2. Right Click on the picture and select SAVE AS - This will save the picture to either you My

Pictures folder or to a Clipboard.

Step 3. Log-in to the File Hosting website.
Step 4. Click on UPLOAD
Step 5. Then click on BROWSE ,find the file you want to save on the File Hosting website
Step 6. Then click on UPLOAD FILES **Make sure on your left hand side, the IMG Tags is selected
Step 7. The website will now return you to your Main Folder.
Step 8. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your picture is now being saved on the World Wide Web.
Step 9. You can now delete the file from the folder you saved it in on your home computer!

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