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Portable Document Format (PDF)

This article is geared for physical science teachers. For a full write-up on PDF see this wikipedia article:

Description of technology

  • an open standard file format, created by Adobe Systems. PDF documents maintain their layouts on different systems.

Ideas for Innovative Applications

  • It maintains its formatting when moved from platform to platform.
    • Each student sees exactly what the teacher intended them to see
  • Since graphics and diagrams don't change a teacher can print out a document for a model or 3-D object that can be printed out and crafted together by the students in preparation for class to save time.

Ideas for Efficiency applications

  • It avoids confusion because everyone has the same documents referred to, whereas in a webpage, when printed out people can have differently formatted documents.

Ideas for Community applications

  • When discussing the Orgin of Species everyone in a discussion can refer to exact, specific lines in the book and making communication between those people easier.

Disadvantages, pitfalls, or hazards

  • You need a program that reads PDF
  • If you are on a computer with out a PDF reader, you cannnot open PDF documents
  • Programs to edit PDF files can be expensive
  • Printed PDF files are flammable and may cause paper cuts

Related technologies

  • Other document types
    • html
    • microsoft word documents
    • open document format
    • postscript
    • encapsulated postscript

Links for more information


| DTSE 2006 PDF Article

|Open Source Program for Reading PDF


|Online PDF Converter

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