PhET Simulations (Phys)

Description of technology

Physics Education Technology PhET

A site that makes different simulations, which are helpful for teaching and learning physics, easily accessible for free through the Phet website.

Applicable mostly to physics, physical/earth science.

Ideas for Innovation applications

  • The simulations can be easily translated into different languages.
  • Students can learn through exploration

Ideas for Efficiency applications

  • Simulations of things that aren't normally visible to the eye can make difficult to grasp concepts easier to visualize.

Ideas for Community applications

  • You can contribute activities you've developed to use with the PhET simulations to the PhET website. The activities then can be used by other instructors.

Disadvantages, pitfalls, or hazards

  • The simulations might be too fun and colorful and students might not pay attention to the physical patterns they are supposed to observe.

Related technologies

My Physics Lab Simulation

Created 1/31/07 by Rozalia

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