YouTube and Google Video

Description of technology

A free database of digital videos in which anyone can post, view or comment on the material. This technology would be applicable to all areas of science including physics, physical/earth science and life science.

Ideas for Innovation applications

  • Allows students to watch things that they would not normally see in a classroom setting ex. chemical reaction that would result in an explosion, birth of an animal
  • Student or teacher videos can become nationally or internationally known and can receive feedback from almost anyone in the world GOING VIRAL
  • Provides an opportunity for broadcasting that is seldom available anywhere else

Ideas for Efficiency applications

  • For class projects (see below), videos are quickly and easily accessed by teacher and other students.
  • Teacher can record in-class review sessions or lessons and post them so that students may easily access missed classes.

Ideas for Community applications

  • Allows students to create their own videos for in-class projects and share them with the class.
  • Has potential to connect the classroom to the ideas of other classrooms in other parts of the world.

Disadvantages, pitfalls, or hazards

  • Some parents may have a problem with their child's image being broadcast on the internet.
  • Cost of providing equipment for recording purposes - Not all students may have access to a digital video camera
  • Although the sites claim to sensor their content, there may be inappropriate videos

Related technologies

  • Webcams
  • Videoconferencing
  • Movie making with Windows Movie Maker or iMovie
  • Phones that take movies

Links for more information

YouTube HomePage Google Video

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YouTube Logo


Google Logo

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