TITLE: Cancer Treatment Brochure

INTRODUCTION: In this lesson, students will be using information they acquired last class to create a medical brochure on a cancer treatment. It is up to the individual student to think critically and evaluate which treatment they find to work best. They will include various information and statistics as to why they chose this treatment. Students should realize that even the best treatments do not work well with the patient and have side effects. This lesson is used to guide them throughout the process of finding a new treatment but using their understanding of cell theory and cell division.

OBJECTIVES: • Students will be able to evaluate which cancer treatment they think is best. • Students will be able to think critically and compare information about the pros and con’s of their cancer treatment. • Students will be able to organize and select important information to be included in a medical brochure.

STUDENTS PRECONCEPTIONS: Hopefully, most of the students’ preconceptions and misconceptions on cancer treatments have been cleared up from last class. The teacher could address any misconceptions she discovered last class during the discussion section.

MATERIALS: 1. Cancer treatment chart 2. Paper 3. Colored pencils/Markers 4. 5-7 Computers with internet access 5. Medical brochures/sample brochures could be provided as examples

PREPARATION: Before this carrying this lesson, the teacher could stop by his or her local doctor’s office and pick up some sample medical brochures on such topics as tuberculosis, lime disease, measles, etc. Please not pick up any brochures related to cancer or tumors. Also, before this lesson, make sure the cancer treatment charts have been graded to hand back to the students. They will need to refer to it throughout this lesson.

TIME: 45 minutes

ACTIVITIES: • The instructor will tell the class that today they will be making medical brochures on the cancer treatment of their choice. Remind the students of the cancer treatments they have researched the previous class. Let them choose one that they feel is the best option to cure cancer. • Pass out real medical brochures and sample brochures for students to use as examples. • Write a list of questions and suggestions on the board that the students should include in the brochure: o How effective is it? o What are the side effects? o Provide data on success/failure rates o Make a list of pro and cons in choosing this treatment o What cancer it works best on o Include relevant pictures o Include references where relevant Even though the students have these questions to include let their creativity run wild. Let them choose how to set up the brochure and let them include additional information. • Pass out paper, colored pencils, markers, and their treatment charts from the previous day. Teachers may want to let students use computer with internet access to print out pictures to include in their brochure. • If they do not finish the brochure, let the students take it home and finish it for homework. The teacher can collect next class.

ASSESSMENT: The assessment would be the completed brochure that would be collected the next day of class and graded by the teacher. The variables that would be covered include the following:

• Science Process/inquiry o -Students will be able to find reliable and valid sources for their data. o -Students will be able to interpret and reach conclusions from valid data. • Nature of Science o -Evidence based

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