One Day DW And Arthur Went to the Video Store DW Wants a Thomas And Friends Hero Of The Rails 2009 DVD but his brother Arthur refused to get her one and say "No!" So, DW starts to throw a big tantrum at the store, Arthur drag her out out of the video store and lefted the shopping They put her in his room for punishment The next day,DW And Arthur went to shopping DW sees a 1998 Daisy Train and Asks his brother Arthur  if she can get one before he says "NO!" After that, DW starts fussing and throws a another tantrum and his brother Arthur got very mad at him he dragged her out of the toy store, She is locked in her room for her punishment. Jane and David read console her problem DW feels okay and her parents will stop her brother Arthur from punishing and anger. but then DW Arthur and their Family Watched DW Wants a Thomas And Friends Hero Of The Rails 2009 DVD and Playing With 1998 Daisy Train They all had fun

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