Featured Episodes

  1. DW Throws a Tantrum (Narrated by Pat Cashman)
  2. Sonic Throws a Tantrum (Narrated by Brad Garrett)
  3. Horton Throws a Tantrum (Narrated by Brad Cummings)
  4. Dipsy Throws a Tantrum (Narrated by Jess Harnell)
  5. Bloo Throws a Tantrum (Narrated by Jim Cummings)
  6. Rabbit Throws a Tantrum (A Winnie the Pooh & Barney & Friends Crossover) (Narrated by Tony Jay)
  7. Ren Throws a Tantrum (Narrated by Seth MacFarlane)


Release Date: November 11, 2003



Sonic, crying from "Sonic Throws a Tantrum"

Dipsy, crying from "Dipsy Throws a Tantrum"


Bloo throwing a tantrum in the toy store in "Bloo Throws a Tantrum"

Back Cover

Mac, Eduardo, Coco and Wilt playing with the Barney The Purple Dinosaur Plush and watching the 2000 VHS of Barney's Dino Dancin Tunes in "Bloo Throws a Tantrum"

Mario and Yoshi taking Rabbit to jail in "Rabbit Throws a Tantrum"