The D Hills is a region in the southwest of Vovatra.


The D Hills is bordered on the west by the coast of the Vovatra Ocean, on the north by the V Bay, and on the east by the V Plains. It is a hilly, forested region, created by the movement of the Oceanic Plate under the South Plate; as the Oceanic Plate became locked in place about two hundred million years ago, the mountains begame weathered and are now just a hilly upland.


The D Hills have warm, dry summers and cold, wet winters. They are watered by the winter monsoons that bring rain ashore here and further north up the Vovatra Ocean's east coast.

Human Geography and Economics

The largest town in the region is Deland, located along the region's northwest coast. It is largely a resort town which hosts tourists during the summer; its winter population is in fact very low. A similar pattern is common along the entire coast.

In the more upland interior, the economy was formerly based on mining Osopan. However, when Emanopan was discovered elsewhere and Osopan began to become obsolete, there was an economic and subsequent population crash. In recent years, the discovery of Asepoam in the southern part of the region, the population and economy has resurged.


Traditionally, the D Hills region has been the stronghold of the Elders of Democracy party. Few other parties have a significant base here.

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