The Daedalus is Kraer Kulnoth's airship.

The airship looks mainly like an oversized wyvren made mainly out of wood. The entire airship can barely fit into the arena of the Grand Coluseeum near Aphetto. The ship rests on four clawed feet so that the shallow keel does not plow into the ground during landing and take-off procedures. Details about the figurehead of the wyvren is covered by a fitting Peregrin Mask, of which the influence of the large artifact actually makes the figurehead and fore-castle want to drift off of the ground.

The bulk of the weight of this construct is carried by two identical wings; beams of wood that can rotate at 45 degrees to the sides of the ship and the actual membranes of each wing is outfitted with an equal-sized Neurok Hoversail apiece.

The main hull is overlain with Mizzium to reinforce the hull and to protect it from most forms of physical harm. The top deck is not reinforced in this manner, since those that are abroad the ship can run about and use their skills to protect that vulnerable area. The top-half of the wyvrens's head rises above the deck itself, and one can take refuge there if caught out in violent weather. Near each wing, there is a set of stairs which leads below the main deck to a system of hallways that lead around the interior of the ship. Inside the hull, and under each wing, is a set of rebuilt Thran Turbines that can provide the energy needed to position each wing. The controls are centred at a cabin-like structure that sits at the aft-end of the main deck, as well as the wheel to steer the vessel. Each Hoversail is crafted so that it gives forward momentum as well as lift to the main body of the craft, and the headpiece works to keep the front end up. All in all, this Airship cannot move at a fast clip, but glides along smoothly. No jet lag here at all. On each side of the ship is a slot about midsection, in front of the wings, that has retractable planks that seven students can walk abreast upon to board the ship.

A secondary deck sits below the main one with enough headroom to accommodate a small church, but the steeple might poke a hole through the ceiling. This secondary deck is more of a gathering hall for dinners and parties alike. Several crystalline chandeliers give off a cosy amount of illumination, bright enough so that people don't have to strain their eyes to see the opposite end of the 'hall', but not too bright to hurt most peoples' eyes. There are several tables that rest on grooved tracks that can be moved aside if there is to be a dance party after meals or in case the extra room is needed. These tracks can lock in place so that the tables do not move about when the airship experiences turbulence. At the far end of the hall lies another set of hallways that lead to another pair of stairs that lead into the dormitories/crew quarters. Yet there is another room that leads off from the dinning hall, and that is the kitchen/storeroom, where all of the ship's supplies and foodstuffs is stored and prepared for meals.

Each of the dormitories have simple furniture: one chair, two tables and a double bed to sleep in. Again there is a smaller crystalline chandelier to provide the light for each one, but a simple knob near each bed allows the light to be turned off/on at the occupant's leisure.

The crew quarters are off-limits to passengers, but this is where the small crew of half-elves and Eskara stay during all flights of the Airship.

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