The Dael are a race very similar to humans. However their lifespan is roughly three times as long, compared to other races this makes them fairly mortal still. Their culture is known for it’s paradoxical beliefs in maintaining tradition and that all things should be chosen as best for immediate efficiency. They somehow manage to combine the both beliefs into their general society, but there are two inner sects that lean more toward one way or the other.

Their origins come from the Dael Isles. A cluster of three islands from which they originally came from. They still control these islands and it is home to their capital, Danue (Dahn-oo-A)

Physical features

They stand out by their silver eyes and hair. While there are sometimes alterations in coloring, the silver is so frequent and when the colors do change the silvery tint still remains. Their skin is abnormally pale and does not change no matter how much they remain in the sun. Their eyes possess an inner glow that can be seen at night, but makes no such allowance to them. While it makes them easy to spot in the dark quite often, looking straight into their eyes up close is known to cause a hypnotic trance like state.
On average they are just slightly taller then humans, and their faces are usually very graceful, like the elves. Their fingernails grow in a pointed fashion causing claw-like hands, as if to support this their nails are hard as wood.

Male vs. Female

The Dael are very similar to basic humanoids in terms of sexuality. The males are slightly taller and with more body mass potential, and the females develop attractive curves to their bodies as most races do.


The Dael are a bit more tribally built. They fully understand advanced civilization concepts like cities and social conduct, but in general they stick to their tribes in the wild, visiting cities only when necessary or to socialize. They keep to tribal ways because they believe it builds their efficiency in survival. Hunters are very popular among them. They like to stick to rain forest climates


Involves pronouncing out every vowel sound in the word and very few consonants are involved in their words. It is said with sharp tones, and the vowels are pronounced a bit differently A = ah E= a I=Ee O=oh U=oo (this is just in general). The pronunciation does not attempt to smooth the word as it is spoken, the vowels are not changed for shorter syllables.


Their clothing is bizarre in general and sometimes comical due to their intense belief in sentimental objects. A person who has not received any gifts or trophy clothing made by themselves usually sticks to wearing pants and no shoes until they have earned their other clothing

Religious Beliefs

The Conservatives and some of the regular members of the race follow a church similar to shamanism ideas. They worship multiple gods for each aspect of nature, a belief originating from mythology. Tikis, or tall wooden statues portray most of their gods.
They do not name the spirits they worship, they instead call them sprits of nature and give offerings of a conflicting element to the spirit to ask for a blessing

Example: a fisherman would offer an animal from land to the spirit of the fish to ask for a better catch.

List of spirits:
  • Animal
  • Fish
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Sky
  • Death/Sickness
  • Health/Life
  • War/Fighting
  • Peace
  • Forest
  • Desert

Social structure

Their tribal methods are very simple; there is the king, queen, prince and princess. These are the only ranks of real significance to them within their tribes. The Dael do not notice differences between sexes, as such queen and king are equal (more so then in any other culture) and neither is considered superior, unlike in most other cultures.
The Dael tribes are often united under Dael Aupuni or kingdoms. Each kingdom will usually possess a large stationary capital at the center of their territory, with each tribe defending its borders. Aupuni are usually the judge in disputes between tribes of the same region, they are also the decision makers of war with other territories.
(Easy list)
Aupuni [Pronounced “Ah-oo-poo-nee”] (kingdom)
Ali’i Kane [pronounced “Ah-lee-ee K-ahn-A”] (king)
Ali’i Wahine [Pronounced “W-ah-een-A”] (queen)
Ali’i Keiki [pronounced “K-A-eek-ee”] (prince)
Ali’i Wah’oilina [Pronounced “Wah-oh-eel-een-A”] (princess)


The dael names are fairly simple. They have four names. The first is their personal name, the second is their family name, the third is their tribe name, and the fourth is their kingdom name. Every dael still belonging to the tribal ways has their second name start with ‘dael’. In example, Dael’Uloa is the second name of any dael belonging to the Uloa bloodline. Also the letter after the apostrophe that follows dael is capitalized.
Ex. Aka’a Dael’Uloa Enda’e Alu. This is a name of a dael in the Uloa bloodline, Enda’e tribe, and Alu kingdom.
A key note is that the empire dael who live with the allegiance, Mor’aguen, or other major factions who’ve forsaken tribal traditions will not have a third or fourth name. Also their second name will not start with Dael, instead it will just be their bloodline name.
A dael without kingdom will not have a fourth name, but could still be a member of a tribe and use that. A freestanding family that belongs to no tribe or kingdom will still keep their two names using Dael before their bloodline name to show respect to the tribal ways.
A bloodline will never be named with a sudden start-stop. Meaning “Dael’Uloa” is separated by an apostrophe (‘). To prevent over-complication, the bloodline names are never separated in such way so that fourth names are easier.
Ex. There will never be a second name Dael’Au’u because there are too many apostrophes for one name.

Racial powers

  • Within touch range their eyes can cause relaxation or maddening insanity. They cannot take direct control but they can adjust them from peaceful to violent if they can hold eye contact for a few seconds.
  • Their claw-like fingernails give them an ever-present weapon, though it can do little more then cut through skin and soft wood.

Racial Weaknesses

  • Tendency to live in the tribal cultures has reduced their general magic ability for lack of study material.
  • They are a bit easier spotted when sneaking due to their silver hair and eyes.


Their buildings are very simplistic within their tribal homes. More often then not they are grass huts with no walls, just a roof and smoothed floor. They sleep in their clothing to keep warm if necessary.

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