Daisy was sulking in the diesel engine shed all afternoon.

The Freight Cars wouldn’t stop singing rudely at her.

Rosie was appalled by that.

"Shut up!" she ordered. And she bumped them real hard.

“I’m terribly sorry your Freight Cars were rude to you, Daisy.”

Daisy was still fed up with Rosie.

“It’s you’re entire fault, you made them laugh at me.”

“Nonsense.” said James. “Rosie would never do that. We train engines got our differences, but we would never speak about them to Freight Cars.” “That would be dis…….dis…..”

“Disgraceful.” said Gordon.

“Disgusting.” put in Oliver.

“Despicable.” finished Thomas.

Daisy hated Rosie. She wanted her to be sent away, so she made a plan, she was gonna tell fibs about Rosie.

The very next day, she spoke to the Freight Cars.

"I see you like crazy jokes, you made 1 good joke about me yesterday, I laughed and laughed.” “Rosie told me 1 about Thomas.” “I'll whisper it to all of you, but don’t tell Thomas that I told you."

And she chuckled away."

"Ha, ha, ha!" the Freight Cars giggled in unison. “Thomas will be fed up with Rosie when he knows about it.” “Let’s tell him and get back at Rosie for bumping us.”

The Freight Cars laughed rudely at the train engines just as they went by.

Very soon, Thomas, Gordon, James, Oliver and Percy found out what happened.

“Disgraceful.” said James.

“Disgusting.” said Percy.

“Despicable.” said Thomas.

“We can’t allow it in here.” the train engines said in unison.

“Yeah right,” the train engines said in unison. “She did it to all of us, we’ll do it to her, and see how she likes it.”

Rosie was all tired out.

The Freight Cars had been crazy and troublesome all afternoon.

She wanted to rest in the train engine shed.

Thomas, Percy and the rest of the train engines got in her way.


“Keep out!” the train engines exclaimed angrily in unison.

“Quit joking around!” said Rosie. “I’m very tired!”

“So are we, Rosie!” the train engines hissed in unison. “We’re very tired of you, we like Daisy, we don’t like you, you tell stories about us to Freight Cars!”

“I don’t!” Rosie exclaimed angrily.

“You do!” the train engines exclaimed angrily as well.

“I don’t! Rosie exclaimed angrily again.

“You do!” the train engines exclaimed angrily.

“I don’t!” Rosie exclaimed angrily.

“You do!” the train engines exclaimed angrily.

“I don’t!” Rosie exclaimed angrily.

“You do!” the train engines exclaimed angrily.

Rosie’s driver stepped outta Rosie to stop the argument.

“Rosie called me a galloping sausage patty!” spluttered James.

“Rusty blue scrap iron!” put in Thomas.

"I'm old square wheels." Fumed Gordon.

“Well, Rosie?”

Rosie was considered.

“I only wish, ma’am.” she said gravely. “That I had thought of those names myself. If the dome fits……..”


“He made Freight Cars laugh at us!” the train engines accused Rosie in unison.

Rosie’s driver recovered. She had been trying not to laugh herself.

“Did you really do that, Rosie?”

“Not really, ma’am, no train engine like me would be as mean and strict like that.”

Daisy looked up.

“Now, Daisy, you heard what Rosie just said.”

“I can’t understand it, ma’am, to think that Rosie of all train engines…….I’m terribly grieved, ma’am, but know nothing about it.”

“Oh, I see…….” said Rosie’s Driver.

Daisy squirmed around and hoped she didn’t.

“Rosie, I’ll tell you what, I’m gonna take you over to Henry’s station for a little while, I know he’ll be proud to see you.”

“Just as you wish, ma’am.”

“Rosie trundled devastatingly away while Daisy smirked with triumph.

End of Rosie’s side of the story sequence……………

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