Daisy, Violet and Lily are the older sisters of Misty, and the love interests of The Invincible Pokemon Brothers (Kim, Kail and Kai) that first appear in the Indigo League episode: The Water Flowers of Cerulean City. Daisy, the first among the trio, has long blond shoulder length hair and green eyes and her main outfit is composed of: a pink shirt with long sleeves and a blue sleeveless shirt, pink shirt, opaque tan pantyhose and white high heels. Violet, the second in the trio, has long blue shoulder length hair and red eyes and her main outfit is composed of: an orange long sleeved shirt with a red sleeveless dress, opaque tan pantyhose and white high heels. Lily, the last of the trio, has long pink shoulder length hair and purple eyes and her main outfit is composed of: a green short sleeved shirt, blue skirt, white socks and orange shoes. All three are voiced respectively by Lisa Ortiz, Rachael Lillis and Megan Hollingshead. At their age, they are about 16.


  • Unnamed Parents
  • Misty (Younger Sister)
  • Kim, Kail and Kai (Love Interests)



  1. Being nice to Kim
  2. Babysitting Mahri
  3. Seeing Misty and Rudy dance


  1. Liking for Kail
  2. Working to polish her nails
  3. Being admirable


  1. Feeling cool to Kai
  2. Swapping her socks to light tan pantyhose
  3. Changing from her brown shoes to red high heels



  1. Witnessing Misty's fear of bugs
  2. Seeing Mahri throw lots of loud tantrums
  3. Getting useless


  1. Feeling relentless
  2. Being a creep
  3. Losing her heels


  1. Getting her socks ripped
  2. Being unacceptable
  3. Feeling like if someone humiliates her


  • They are all from the Cerulean City.
  • Daisy and Violet are the only two out of the three to wear heels
  • Lily on the other hand, wears socks.
  • They only live with their sister, Misty.

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