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The Jedi were not the only users of the Force in the Star Wars galaxy; from Hapes to Haruun Kal, from Kiffu to Dathomir, powerful Force-capable humans and near-humans had long refused to surrender their children to lifelong bound servitude in the Jedi Order.

Well, Daisy Duck had something to say about that. She went to Hapes, Haruun Kal, Kiffu, and Dathomir and rescued the children. She then brought them back to Coruscant and the Jedi Order trained them to become Jedi Knights.

When Aladdin, Daisy's father, found out about this, he was very angry. Daisy got in big trouble by her father. Daisy got punished. She wasn't allowed to go shopping with her best friends, Shanti and Jenny Foxworth. Daisy became very angry. She glared at Aladdin and told him "You're as evil as Jafar!" She then went to her room in tears.

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