Name Daisy June Mcpherson

Hair Blond

Height 5.7


Daisy McPherson is the 25th Body of the First River she is the next body after the River Scott Curtis Once again she has kept the same personally as Scott Curtis and Emma Smith however she is alot like how Emma would deal with things and if needed would kill her foes. Where Scott and Emma had there thing for Blue in this life she found it more interesting to wear Grey but didn't have a big thing for it. The reason why she didnt wear blue was because she thought blonde where blue was so common to see.


Daisy was born in Melbourne this is a shock to her because two lifes ago this was the town where she died in the form of Emma Smith from a young age she can all ready work out it has changed alot from what it was like before.


Daisy Mcpherson tries to get in contact with the Rivers now she is at the age where she is classied as fully active. However even when she can still remember Steph Colledge old mobile number there is no answer and another plan is needed. However someone is trying to stop Daisy from finding Steph or the rest of the Rivers. In a newpaper she reads infomation of a girl who claims she is from the planet of Hatlinks and is now on her fifth body. With all this new techno stuff soon Daisy finds herself having a visit from another of her old foes this being Area 51 She is then taken to there base where she is held to do some research on her. The base however is attacked and soon a vistor from the past come back to save her. This being Harriet Sernet armed with a group of Hatlinks ready to save the First River. After a escape they use another Jumper this time called the Jumper Mark III Harriet Sernet tells of how things of changed back in Devon. They head back to where Harriet is now living in Teignmouth because of the Rivers going there own way they plan of finding where they went. The only they clue they have is to try and track down Primrose Windsor the only person who might know where she is there old rival now a old man who is Nick Green who has just been let out of section house. Near the end of that year they find a new rival who goes by the name Max Johnson who hunts the aliens which come to earth. Namely Harriet Sernet. Soon they find themselfs working with a man called Daniel Starter who wants to find out things which went on in the year 2015 with Primrose Windsor and the Rivers and why they killed his father.


Together Daisy Daniel and Harriet the search for Primrose Windsor goes on they soon find themselfs back in Totnes however news reports of Daisy going missing have now gotten her across the news in the world. If she is found there is a chance she could be taken back to Area 51. Harriet then comes up with a idea to alert the rest of the River about Daisy but a new event takes place this time in the return of the Greys the alien race have came back from when Scott Curtis and Steph Colledge stopped them in the past. Daisy having no choice knows she is the only one who can stop them. But she is once again taken this time by the greys. She fights for her life to escape the Grey Planet in a try to make it to Hatlinks but finds herself being attacked by the Hatlinks mistaken her for a grey. When it comes clear of just what is going on they allow her to come to Rocklyn when there she meet with a old River who now works as a body guard from the Hatlinks King this is Jamie Jackson soon they head back to regroup with Harriet and Daniel. But a twist of events finds that Daniel is really working as a spy trying to stop the Rivers. In a big fight Daisy faces off with Daniel. They find he is working with Oasis Care who are now back in business this time under a new boss called Sky Davidson who is daugther of the great Kang Davison together the Rivers find out that they are all being kept apart for a event to happen in a few years from now. They manage to save Steph Colledge after facing off with Sky Davison.

Together Again Daisy Steph and Jamie plan to find where the other three are now.

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