Shadow DJ, aka Dajean Nara, is the current student of the Grim Reaper of the Underworld, and the successor of Asmodeus, a dangerous Angel/Demon hybrid. He is also the middle child of the Nara family (With his older brother Mora and his younger sister Kheket).


Dejean was from a different world at one point, a world where creatures known as the Demonyz were similar to mutants of the Marvel Universe. When he was 14 years old, he was chosen to be a sucessor to another being known as Asmodeus and gained half of his power, the powers of a demon.

Because of this, Dejean soon became more demonic than human and was seen as an outcast due to it. During this time, he was trained to use the scythe and dark magic while working under the Grim REaper of the Endsville world, also having to do meanal tasks such as chores and others for the now much older Mandy and Billy, who were both teenagers during his time as a student

During this time, DJ helped fight alongside Underfist and began to self-teach himself magic to be a better aid, discovering his elemental affinities: Darkness, Lightning and Wind. Thanks to these powers, he has taken a quick liking to his new found powers, unknown that the use of magic is slwoly awakening Asmodeus.

Sometime later, he became involved with the Darkside battles, against a race of symbiote-like masses of dark energy that could make sentient forms for a person's inner evil. Because of this, it created a mass of darkness created from his own inner darkness and the darkness of his predecessor, creating Gigantes, a giant demon with dark powers over the Earth and Fire.

After this, he was recruited into the Alternate Fighters, a group of heroes who come from different earths and fight alongside the fighters of other worlds. During this time, he gained alliance with other outcasts of other worlds, creating a group called 'the Guild of Hades', a sub-team of the alternate fighters that DJ uses as a task force to help fight against forces of the Underworld.

Others he met on this team that were a result of his membership was Mora Nara, his older brother who is a Demonyz trained by a secret Government group who harbers a deep distrust towards humans, and Saint Andros, the angelic half of Asmodeus reborn and his arch rival.

During his time as a member of the team, he would gain a relationship with one world's version of Zatanna Zatara, and would later evolve into a higher state thanks to his dark magic powers, resulting in him becoming more demonic than before.


When DJ first became a demon, he had dark gray scaled skin with reptilian clawed hands and three-toed feet hidden under really large boots, a long reptilian tail, reptilian glowing green eyes, razor sharp canines, and shaggy brown hair. He is usually clad in dark robe made of darkness that is over a short-sleeved dark shirt, a pair of black jeans and has fingerless gloves on his hands usually. He also has a pair of bat wings on his back that usually takes the form of a cape that goes aorund his neck, connecting via a single claw on each wing. He also stood at about 5'8, making him the average height of a young adult.

After his mutation with his evolving power, DJ took a form more akin to a dragon with dark gray scales, spiked back brown hair, hands that now have retractable claws, four-toed reptilian feet, a long tail, draconic eyes and fangs, a faint snout on his face and more pronouced pointed ears with three spikes on the tips, and more reptilian-like wings on his back. he grew to be about 5'11 to 6'00, making him much taller than before.

Powers and Abilities

Elemental Manipulation (Lightning and Wind/Storm)

DJ's physiology allows him to take the form of a flying demon, which gives him elemental power of the weather. His main uses is with the power of Lightning, which takes the form of green bolts of energy from his hands, and wind, which usually takes the form of wind blades.

This power can combine into Storm Spells, which can result in a change of weather such as creating a hurricane or a tornado.

Physical Skills/Demon Physiology

Despite his height and appearance, DJ is physically the weakest of the Author Fighters, mostly due to the more brittle bones that make him so aerodynamic. Despite this however, DJ is quite fast on both the ground and the air and has plenty of stamnina to back it up. His stamina also helps with swinging his scythe, which is a heavy weapon, to slice through things.

DJ is also quite agile, though not on the same level as Dakota or Edge, he knows his way around avoiding attacks. His strength is mostly paralell to his new-found physical training, as he can lift about 100 pounds easily but cannot fly with this much weight at first but after his training with Dakota, he has gained much-needed muscle and speed.

His fighting skills are also sub-par, due to his lack of physical training. He knows basic forms of hand to hand combat such as kicking and using his tail at times, but due to his claws he cnanot make a fist, so he mainly slashes at others with his claws.

DJ's hearing and sight are very advanced due to being able to see in the dark, allowing him easier time in darkness than in light. But this also has a disadvantage as his eyes give off an eerie green glow whenever he's in the dark.

After his transformation, his strength increased quite a bit, as did his speed and stamina. His eyesight and hearing have also increased, allowing him to hear things from a distance if he focuses enough.

Shadow Manipulation

DJ's shadow Manipulation can come from his scythe anbd his demonic physiology. It's mainly used to blend in with his surroundings, as well as travel tto small distances.

The power increased more as he transformed, allowing him to create shadowy constructs in the forms of various weapons, walls or anything he needs at a certain situation. He can also ensnare people with a fog of pure darkness by using the shadows of his own cloak to help.

Death Sense

As a Reaper, DJ is able to sense death as it happens around him. This power has allowed him to sense immediate, lethal dangers such as lethal weapons, toxins, radiation and other dangeros and lethal components. He can also use it as a way to find out how someone had died and what was used during the time of death.

Dimenstional Travel

DJ can travel between dimensions by slicing the air with his scythe, creating a vortex via his scythe. This allows him to also create black holes when his powers evolved, in which he sometimes uses to seal away demons and the like.

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