Damian Rides Again is a Ash The Pokemon Trainer and Friends (CBS Kids version) episode.


  • Ash and Bailey are being cured and there is no one to run the branch line for the summer holidays, so, as a last resort, Steven gives Damian a second chance and has him restored. However, his previous residents, the Combusken, miss their henhouse. They roost in his luggage racks overnight and, when Damian has to swerve suddenly the next day, they panic, frightening the passengers and covering them with feathers and eggs. Damian and the passengers are angry over this incident and the british bully is sent to be cleaned. Bailey tells him that a farmer needs something to sell his vegetables in and this gives Damian an idea. As a result, he is shown with new clothes and had a marvelous vegetable stand. Damian could not be happier, as now he does not have to put up with Combusken or passengers.



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