Damien Wilacoth is a summoner who has trained and graduated from the Academy of Magic. Among the strongest summoners there, he was among the first graduates. He has no real political affiliations in Dominaria, but has been noted for his contact with Jinkun Taiyou and Kisaki Taiyou, two planeswalkers from Kamigawa. He is the only known summoner who has ever graduated from the Academy twice.

Character Outline


Damien's Original and Current Form

Damien is fairly tall, hovering a little over six feet. Possessing blonde, almost gravity-defying spikey hair and deep blue eyes, he usually wears a dark vest and trousers. Typically, he is calm and analytical, relying on a strong sense of logic and common sense to judge situations. Secretive and somewhat withdrawn by nature, he intensely dislikes those who use their powers to casually invade another's mind. Highly intelligent and possessing a strong sense of morality, his patience runs short when he believes someone is acting foolish or immorally. He is extremely hard working, with a fierce dedication to better himself and his skills. He adheres to the policy of 'Forgive, but do not Forget.' Despite this, he looks for the best in people and considers himself hopelessly naive for this very reason.


Official Academy Record: Damien was born the son of two poor Otaria farmers. In his early teenage years, his parents were taken by the Cabal to be used as sacrifices. During this incident, Damien tapped into his latent ghell abilities for the first time. Instead of only black mana, however, he also drew in a shattered piece of essence from a god named 'Dis. This inclusion transformed the young man into an incarnation of cruelty and insanity that would later be called The Aberration.

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An especially powerful breed of summoner, known as a Magus, Damien is a master of Black and White magic, with relative mastery of Blue magic. Due to his change in mana affinity due to the Mirari's influence, he has exhibited increasing mastery of Entwine spells.

In terms of pure hand-to-hand combat, Damien's skill is only middling. His true strength in non-summoning skills lies within the sword. Having trained and been trained since the age of twelve in swordsmanship, Damien is an master of both the katana and the two-handed sword.

Damien typically falls back on an even blend of Angels and Horrors to protect him in widespread conflicts. In summoner duels, however, he has shown an array of kill-techniques, the most notable of which involves Tendrils of Agony. In the realm of dueling, he is widely known as top tier, rivaling even such figures as Yoketa and Ryu Phoenix.


  • Damien's original and current design are based off of the video game character Cloud Strife, from Final Fantasy VII.
  • Damien's hanyou design was based off of the video game character Albel Nox, from Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time.

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