Dan's Bike Accident is a fan-fiction DVD Release featuring four fan-fiction episodes.


  1. Dan's Bike Accident
  2. Schemer VS Schemee
  3. Schemer's Missing Picture
  4. Billy's Birthday

Special Features

  • Thomas Song: Donald's Duck
  • The Accroding To Schemer Special: How To Read
  • The Jukebox Band Sing Along Song: Down By The Station


  • Distrubuted by Lyrick Studios.

DVD Artwork

Front Cover

  • Top: Dan
  • Bottom: Schemer, Stacy, Schemee and JB King from "Schemer VS Schemee"

Back Cover

  • Mr. Conductor (R.S.) talking to Mr. Conductor (A.B.) from "Dan's Bike Accident"
  • Edward from the story, "Edward's Exploit" from "Schemer's Missing Picture"
  • Billy from "Billy's Birthday"

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