Fighter's Pride Mini Wiki
--Shotokan Showdown--


Move List

Standing Normal Punches

Standing Normal Kicks

Crouching Normals

Normal Air Punches

Normal Air Kicks


Seoi Nage

Punch Throw or Kick Throw

Special Normals

Special Moves


QCF + P (all games)


DP + P (all games)

Danku Kyaku

QCB + K (all games)

Kuchu Danku Kyaku

QCB + K while in air (SFA3)

Super Moves

Shinku Gadoken

DQCF + P (SFA-A, CvS2)

Hissho Buraiken

DQCB + K (SFA-X, CvS2)


DQCF + K (SFA-A, CvS2)

Saikyo-Ryu Bogyo

F + 3P after blocking (SFA3-V)

Non-Attack Moves


Taunt (all games)

Shagami Chohatsu

D + Taunt (SFA2-3-XAV)

Kuchu Chohatsu

Taunt (in air) (SFA2-3-XAV)

Zenten Chohatsu

QCF+Taunt (SFA2-3-XAV,CvS2)

Koten Chohatsu

QCB+Taunt (SFA2-3-XAV,CvS2)

Chosatsu Densetsu

DQCF + Taunt (SFA2-3-A,CvS2)

Chohatsu Shinwa

DQCB + Taunt (SFA3-A)
Can be followed up with the following move:


(DB or DF) + P after a Chohatsu Shinwa(SFA3-A)

Koten Chohatsu

(DB or DF) + K after a Chohatsu Shinwa(SFA3-A)

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