• Pj and Danella: Man I so tried to Angelina and Jim Lehrer I well gets Angelina and Jim Lehrer but first i put the candy cane.
  • Angelina and Jim Lehrer: Wait i getting candy cane.
  • Policeman: You're under arrest for litting the candy cane
  • Angelina and Jim Lehrer: But sir I didn't litting th candy cane.
  • Policeman: Stop lie to me get the policecar you're going to jail for very long time.
  • Policeman: You are stay here forever.
  • Angelina and Jim Lehrer: Wait a minute i think who did it it was Pj and Danella.
  • Pj and Danella: Yes i got Angelina and Jim Lehrer arrested.
  • Pj: Oh no is Angelina and Jim Lehrer.
  • Jim Lehrer: That's right Pj and Danella how dare you get me arrested by litter candy cane go home right now i'm calling your parents.
  • Pj's Dad: Pj how dare you get Angelina and Jim Lehrer arrested you're grounded for 10 hours go to your room now!
  • (At Danella's House)
  • Danella's Dad: Danella how dare you get Angelina and Jim Lehrer arrested by littering the candy cane that's it you're grounded for 96 hours

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