tomarmstrong14's crossover of Danger Mouse


  • Wart, el King Arthur as Danger Raton
  • Thomas the Tank Engine as Penfold
  • Little Lulu as Shirley Jane Temple
  • Count Duckula as Himself
  • Bacon Greenback as Himself
  • Stiletto as Himself
  • Peter Pan Characters as Various Personajes


  • Victor Spinetti as Wart/Arthur
  • Ringo Starr as Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Terry Jones as Little Lulu
  • David Jason as Count Duckula
  • Victor Boker as Baron Greenback
  • Javier Dotu as Stiletto Mafiosa
  • David Kaye as Peter Pan
  • Olivia Martin as Wendy Darling-Rooke

Cartoon Used

  • El Raton Danger

Clip Used

  • the Sword in the Stone
  • Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Little Lulu
  • Peter Pan

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