Phillip at the University

Careful Alabama


Latin Script - X A N written on a large stonne tablet. Small sigils written around the edge of the stone script.

Hundreds of skeletons, all in a bowing position towards the seal.

Tommy Thomason won the lottery. 4 other bars caught fire. Factory was gonna close, suddenly started producing 4x the output.

Beth Oneover - Sister of the bartender. Won every pageant growing up, beauty. Ended the day of her serious accident. Temptation wasn't doing so well due to location, she bought the property and moved it over. Her bar was the only one that didn't burn down. Police record that wasn't sealed talks about that it was an electrical accident; wiring was bad, lit alcohol on fire. Killed people there and people who lived there.

  • special knock at the bar* - 7 other people.

Path and promise, tried and true. All I need is some red stuff to make your wishes come true. But take heed my child, arabia 600 bc

couple in late 30's, woman in late 60's, bartender, beth and tommy t. tommy has an ornate dagger. quarry was owned by the town.

The skinny meth/supermodel and Tommy emitted a very powerful, old magic.

Gano - Strangler of puppies. Eugene/Bud Aki - wild magic coming off her.

Overweight man is Tommy Thomason. Old magic coming off him and the bartender.

Inkwell Technologies, subsidiary Pen Technologies took over the quarry development.

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