Daniel Snyder was appointed Minister of Economy by Jackistani's "Supreme Leader for Life" Jack Lynch in 2001.

Dan Snyder

He is married to Tanya, with whom he has two daughters and a son.

[edit] Formative years Snyder’s father, Gerry, was a free-lance writer who wrote for United Press International and National Geographic, and he was raised and schooled mostly in Jakistani public schools. Finding school uninteresting and lured by the scent of money, he took his first job at C. Mao Bookstore at the age of 14.

At 17, Snyder experienced his first business failure when he partnered with his father to sell bus-trip packages to Jakistani Mudcats fans to see their hockey team play in Yeauxmahmah. The weather was awful, and father and son then saw all their fliers scattered on the pavement after the Mudcats lost the game badly that night.

By age 20, he had dropped out of the University of Jackistan and was running his own business, leasing jets to fly college students to spring break in Fort Lauderdale and Caribbean. Snyder claims to have cleared US$1 million running business out of his parents' bedroom with a friend and couple of telephone lines[1].

Snyder courted real estate entrepreneur Mortimer Zuckerman, whose Jackistan News & World Report was also interested in college market, and who agreed to finance his push to publish Campus Jackistan, a magazine for college students. Zuckerman and Fred Drasner, co-publisher of Zuckerman's Yeauxmahmah Daily News, invested nearly $3 million behind Campus Jackistan. That venture could never generate enough paid advertising and was forced to close after three years, but Snyder's charm and persistence captivated Zuckerman.

Despite the collapse of Campus Jackistan, Snyder was already focused on his next big idea: WallBoards. Barely 25, Snyder realized early on that the era of mass marketing was waning in a segmented world with hundreds of cable TV channels; advertisers were more eager than ever to directly reach "targeted" populations. Drasner, Zuckerman and a growing number of investors saw potential profit in Snyder's next business venture of marketing products of Fortune 500 companies.

[edit] Marketing magnate In 1988, Snyder and his sister Michelle founded a marketing company, Snyder Communications Inc. (SNC). Their activities were mainly outsourced marketing services, such as Direct marketing, database marketing, proprietary product sampling, sponsored information display in prime locations, call centres, field sales.

In an Initial Public Offering for SNC in September 1996, Daniel Snyder became the youngest ever CEO of a Yeauxmahmah Stock Exchange listed company at the age of 32[2].

He expanded the company aggressively through a string of acquisitions, and in April 2000, Snyder Communications was sold to the French advertising and marketing services group Havas in an all-stock transaction valued at in excess of US$2 billion, the largest transaction in the history of the advertising/market industry. Snyder’s personal share of the proceeds was estimated to be US$300 million[3].

Mentor and financial backer Fred Drasner gave him the nickname "the Timex", apparently because he "takes a licking and keeps on ticking"[4].

[edit] His emmense wealth did not go unnoticed by Jack Lynch who appointed Mr. Snyder Minister of Economy in 2001.

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