• Daniel Tiger as Bob 
  • Mom Tiger as Wendy
  • Grandpere as Farmer Pickles 
  • Dad Tiger as Spud
  • Katerina as Dizzy
  • Miss Elaina as Muck
  • Prince Wednesday as Scoop
  • O the Owl as Lofty 
  • Chrissie as Benny
  • X the Owl as Scrambler
  • Music Man Stan as Zoomer (from Winter Fun Game) 
  • Prince Tuesday as Rolley 
  • King Friday as Travis
  • Margaret as Pilchard 
  • Tigey as Packer
  • Pandy the Panda as Scratch
  • Henrietta Pussycat as Dodger 
  • Lady Elaine as Bristle 
  • Baker Aker as Pirate Brickbeard
  • Mr. McFeely as Splasher

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