Danielle LaMarche: Time Bomb Girl The Complete Series is a DVD idea made in September 2016 by Nickelodeon Home Entertainment. It has all fifty-two episodes from the hit Klasky Csupo series. This is the next DVD set to be distributed.


Disc 1

  1. A Time Bombed Story
  2. Hunting For Values
  3. Ruins of Legend
  4. Wilma's Big Mistake
  5. Darker Shoes
  6. Ill Will Scavengers
  7. Frolicking Discoveries
  8. Sillier Than Behaving Badly
  9. A Time Bomb Halloween
  10. Public Foes
  11. Enduring The Lifesavers
  12. Jeri's Sick Morning
  13. A LaMarche Family Thanksgiving

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4

Bonus Features

  1. None


  • Release Date: September 27, 2016.
  • These are all fifty-two episodes from this show.
  • Distributed by Nickelodeon Home Entertainment.

Opening Previews

Disc 1

Closing Previews

Disc 1

Cover Artwork

Front Cover

  • Danielle, Rowan, Kerry and Mona

Back Cover

  • Jeri, Wilma, Natasha, and Mitchell

Cover Color

  • Orange

Running Time


  • For the first time on DVD, you can enjoy all 52 episodes of the hit Nickelodeon series, Danielle LaMarche: Time Bomb Girl. Life in the town of Clogsworth will always be the same, especially Danielle and her family and friends. Meet the Douglas brothers Mitchell, Sid, Horton and Mario, and accompany them for real adventures. You'd better watch out for Reba Carson and her mean friends, they love to make trouble. So enjoy your spot and be prepared for fifty-two episodes on four discs from Klasky Csupo Inc.

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