In this page you will find chords from all the album songs from Danilo Fratondi

Studio Albums

Moonset (2011)

  1. "Every Broken Arrow" Chords
  2. "What You've Done" feat. Marcelo Almendra Chords
  3. "Someone Else" Chords
  4. "2549/Ólafur" Chords
  5. "Oceanus Procellarum" Chords
  6. "The Disappointment" Chords
  7. "Let Her Go" Chords
  8. "Moonset" Chords

Universeas (2012)

  1. "Le Port Du Châteauroux Au Ciel" Chords
  2. "Sail The Auroa" Chords
  3. "Candlelight" Chords
  4. "Me, Myself And I" Chords
  5. "The Fire" Chords
  6. "Love Will Find A Way" Chords
  7. "Mechanism Of The Seas" Chords
  8. "Swan" Chords
  9. "Silhoutte" Chords
  10. "Volant Bateau" Chords
  11. "Lake Eyes, Golden Ceiling" Chords

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