Danny & Friends Season 15 (2011-2012) 5th Episode for Season 15


Coming Soon


  1. Danny Theme Song (Tune from Yankee Doodle)
  2. I Love the Eggs (Tune from I Love the Mountains)
  3. Turn My Eyes Away
  4. The Elephant Song
  5. Flying the Eagle (Tune from Three Little Fishes)
  6. Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone
  7. Do Your Ears Hang Low
  8. The Mail Song
  9. The Eight Song (Tune from In the Beginning)
  10. I Love You



  • Ms Garza
  • Ms Madliy
  • Ms Rounelius


  • Danny
  • Monica
  • Nadathy
  • Lizabeth
  • Jakob

Kids TV Series

  • Jason
  • David
  • Kenneth
  • Maria
  • Nick
  • Luci
  • Jackson
  • Buzz
  • Stephen
  • Julie

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