OSCAR -------------------------------------- Will Smith 
DANNY -------------------------------------- Scott Bakula  
SYKES -------------------------------------- Mark Harelik  
PUDGE -------------------------------------- James Arrington 
ANGIE -------------------------------------- Sandy Duncan 
DARLA DIMPLE/LOLA -------------------------- Bless Hopper 
LENNY -------------------------------------- Jack Black 
SAWYER ------------------------------------- Michelle Nicastro 
WOOLIE ------------------------------------- John Cleese  
ERNIE -------------------------------------- Steven Wright  
BERNIE ------------------------------------- Jack Palance 
LINO --------------------------------------- Peter Ustinov  
MAX ---------------------------------------- John Goodman 
JAKE --------------------------------------- Tristan Rogers  
BERNARD ------------------------------------ Bob Newhart 
CRANSTON/TW -------------------------------- Gilbert Gottfried  
FRANCES/TILLIE ----------------------------- Jasmine Guy  
BIANCA ------------------------------------- Eva Gabor  
McLEACH/JOANNA/MCGREAD --------------------- Frank Welker
LUCA/FRANKIE/IRA --------------------------- Steve Carell


          McGread, Max & Darla Dimple may work on Lino

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