Danny Meets Mulan is an upcoming crossover film created by CoolZDane. It will appear in the near-future.


Danny, his friends, the Berenstain Bears, Team Lightyear, Zack and Ivy, Bernard, Bianca, and Jake have traveled to China and met a courageous woman named Mulan. When she realizes her father is ill to join the army, Mulan decides to join the army disguised as a man named Ping. Now, along with a wisecracking dragon named Mushu, the heroes will have to defeat Shan-Yu the hun leader.


  • tenessee tuxedo chumley garfield odie poky little puppy shy little kitten tip dash lucky rolly cadpig spot spot the Puppy Maya Miguel Paco  the Kids Next Door Numbuh 362 Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck Ttark the Subspace Empire the Joker Harley Quinn Two-Face the Penguin NegaDuck Megavolt Quackerjack Bushroot and the Liquidator) Guest Stars In This Film
  • In 1999,while Mulan was released on home video, The Rescuers became reissued on home video as part of the Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection.
  • Mulan, The Aristocats, and The Rescuers Down Under were reissued as part of the Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection in 2000.

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