• Narrator: All this has happened before, and it will all happen again. But this time it happened in London. It happened on a quiet street in Bloomsbury. And that corner house over there is the home of the Darling family. And Danny Pan chose this particular house, because there were people here who believed in him. There was Mrs. Darling.
  • Chica/Mary: (humming) Pacha, do hurry, we musn't be late for the party you know.
  • Narrator: Mrs. Darling believed that Danny Pan was the spirit of youth. But Mr. Darling...
  • Pacha/George: Chica, unless I find my cuff links, we don't go to the party. And if we don't go to the party, I can never show my face in the office again. And if I can never show- (groans)
  • Narrator: Well, Mr. Darling was a practical man. The boys, however, Mowgli and Tipo believed Danny Pan was a real person, and made him of the hero of all their nursery games.
  • Mowgli/John: Blast you, Danny cat!
  • Tipo/Michael: Take that! Give up, Jafar? Give up?
  • Mowgli/John: Never! I'll teach you to burn my arm, you fool!
  • Melody/Wendy: (chuckling) Oh no, Mowgli. It was the left arm.
  • Mowgli/John: Oh yes. Thank you, Melody.
  • Narrator: Melody, the eldest, not only believed, she was the supreme authority on Danny Pan and all his marvelous adventures.
  • Melody/Wendy: Oh, Lady, must we always take that nasty tonic?
  • Narrator: Lady the nursemaid, being a dog kept her opinions to herself and viewed the whole affair with a certain tolerance.

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