Narrator: One fine day 14-year-old Danny Fenton and his parents, Jack and Maddie Fenton went to the video store, Danny was very excited, but after he went to the Thomas VHS section, it happened.

 Danny: Look! It's a 2001 Anchor Bay DVD edition of Thomas Gets Tricked, may I have it pleease??

Maddie: No way..........

Jack: Never.............

Danny: But....But...goin' ghost! I WANT IT [Ghostly Wail] Please!! Please!!! Pleeeeeeeease!!!

Jack: No way! And you have many Thomas and Friends DVDs at home!

Danny: [Ghostly Wail] BUT I STILL WANT THOMAS GETS TRICKED!!!! Pleeeease!!! Pleeease!!

Narrator: And that was that, Danny's parents dragged him severely out of the video store. (Jack and Maddie drag him outta the store, Danny's ghostly wail tantrums come behind) then they put him in his dark room for his punishment.

Danny: NOOOOO!!!!! It's too late to buy that Trackside Tunes VHS!!! Too late!!!! [Ghostly Wail]

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