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Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation Village Hidden in the Sandstorm

Daor Shirogane was a puppet-master from the Village Hidden in the Sandstorm.

He was placed in a team with his childhood friends, Dhzhan and Ghural. Eventually, when they were 16 years of age, they joined the villages A.N.B.U . However, Ghural left the trio to nurture his own Genin, and that left Daor partnered with Dhzhan.

During the Konoha Insurgency, Dhzhan was killed by the Seventh Hokage. In retaliation, Daor used his puppets to kill the village leader, an act which sparked the war between the two villages.

During the war, Elder Kankuro was summoned by Konoha to fight Daor. Kankuro disabled the Puppet Troupe, but was disarmed by Daor's human-puppet: Gaara. Kankuro was killed. Daor was eventually killed by Uchiha.

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