Darius is an Exile, and noteworthy for being one of the first Nogans to follow Verkai. He is a dark brown Nogan with vermilion eyes.


Darius Sunsetgleam was born to Kellan and Siyana Sunsetgleam of the Desert Clan. From an early age, Darius was shown to be bold, friendly and highly intelligent, among other things. When it came time for the new group of clan elders to be chosen at the tender age of thirteen, Darius was one of the first few chosen.

Darius quickly established himself as one of the leaders of the clan, and with his knowledge, skill and gregariousness he settled many disputes with amazing charm and grace. However, this peaceful exterior was simply a mask for the darkness that lay inside...

For Darius was extremely unpleased with the Desert Clan economy and, reasoning that unless he did something the clan would fall apart, shortly after becoming a Desert Clan elder he began to become involved in the black market. Within a few years, he had become the head of a massive black market all across the Nogah Islets, from the glistening cities beneath the waves of the Underwater Clan to the cold mountains of the Ice Clan. Operating under the codename Gemini, his shady dealings made his clan prosper, even though most of the clan had no idea what the cause of the prosperity actually was.

Five months later, Verkai and his (then) small band of followers intercepted a black-market shipment in the middle of the Sagarnatha Desert. After torturing the Nogans delivering the shipment by cart, the leader of the Exiles learned the location of the mysterious Gemini and decided to meet him.

Upon meeting Darius, Verkai saw immense potential in the black-market dealer, and asked Darius to join the Exiles. He immediately accepted.

Afterwards, Darius became invaluable on many occasions; in fact, it was due to his position in the Nogah Islets black market that Verkai was able to get so many books on magic during his quest for them. He also convinced Chattur'gha, then Arhuda Ragingsun, to join the Exiles.

Darius was in, where the War of Ta-Terros is taking place. He has also developed a relationship with the Exile researcher Calypso, although he is forced to keep this relationship private due to the fact that it may jeopardize Calypso's career.


  • Gladius: A silver short sword with a leather-covered hilt that Darius has had since the became a Desert Clan elder. It is his favorite weapon in combat, and has served him well.
  • Mace of the Rising Sun: A gift from Verkai, this mace- studded with magical rubies- bursts into flame with a mental command from Darius. Verkai gave this to Darius after collecting the majority of books on magic he needed.

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