Dark is an Attribute in Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.

Cards with the Attribute Dark.

Summoned Skull, Dark Magician, Curse of Dragon, Dragon Zombie, Doma the Angel of Silence, Witty Phantom, Claw Reacher, Mystic Clown, Magical Ghost, Wall of Illusion, Baron of the Fiend Sword, Sorcerer of the Doomed, Ryu-Kishin, Koumori Dragon, Terra the Terrible, Dark Titan of Terror, Dark Assailant, Unknown Warrior of Fiend, Ryu-Kishin Powered, Swordstalker, La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp, Lord of D., Tri-Horned Dragon, Skull Servant, Nemuriko, The 13th Grave, Darkfire Dragon, Dark King of the Abyss, Flame Ghost, King Fog, Red-Eyes B. Dragon, Reaper of the Cards, Meda Bat, Succubus Knight, Exodia, Gate Guardian, Armored Zombie, Mask of Darkness, Big Eye, B. Skull Dragon, Masked Sorcerer, Mystic Lamp, Jinzo 7, Morinphen, Disk Magician, Saggi the Dark Clown, Illusionist Faceless Mage, Sangan, Kuriboh, Castle of Dark Illusions, King of Yamimakai, Crass Clown, Pumpking the King of Ghosts, Tainted Wisdom, Ancient Brain, Shadow Ghoul, Labyrinth Tank, Bickuri Box, Cannon Soldier, The Bistro Butcher, Dark Elf, Witch of the Black Forest, Witch's Apprentice, Skull Knight, Barrel Dragon, Mechanical Snail, Hiro's Shadow Scout, Whiptail Crow, Slot Machine, Relinquished, Wall Shadow, Hungry Burger, Toon Summoned Skull, Cyber Jar, Flash Assailant, Giant Germ, Spear Cretin, Mystic Tomato, Man-Eating Treasure Chest, Trial of Hell, Serpent Night Dragon, Jinzo, Three-Headed Geedo, Kisetai, Bite Shoes, Spike Bot, Invitation to a Dark Sleep, Thousand-Eyes Idol, Thousand-Eyes Restrict, Red-Moon Baby, Science Soldier, Souls of the Forgotten, The Fiend Megacyber, Beast of Talwar, The Masked Beast, Grand Tiki Elder, Melchid the Four-Face Beast, Nuvia the Wicked, Marie the Fallen One, The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams, The Earl of Demise, Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, Dark Necrofear, Zombyra the Dark, Dark Blade, Opticlops, Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, Red-Eyes B. Chick, Vampire Genesis, Vampire Lord, Spirit Reaper, Despair from the Dark, Ryu Kokki, Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower, Vampire Lady, Double Coston, Regenerating Mummy, Dark Ruler Ha Des, Dark Balter the Terrible, Lesser Fiend, Possessed Dark Soul, Winged Minion, Skull Knight 2, Ryu-Kishin Clown, Twin-Headed Wolf, Patrician of Darkness, The Illusory Gentleman, Great Long Nose, Shapesnatch, Kryuel, Timeater, Mucus Yolk, Great Dezard, Swarm of Scarabs, Swarm of Locusts, 8-Claws Scorpion, Dark Scorpion Burglars, Don Zaloog, Fushioh Richie, Dark Jeroid, Newdoria, Helpoemer, Gravekeeper's Spy, Gravekeeper's Curse, Gravekeeper's Guard, Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier, Gravekeeper's Vassal, Gravekeeper's Chief, Gravekeeper's Cannonholder, Gravekeeper's Assailant, A Man with Wdjat, A Cat of Ill Omen, Nightmare Horse, Reaper on the Nightmare, Byser Shock, Dark Magician Girl, Pitch-Dark Dragon, Kiryu, Giant Orc, Second Goblin, Dimension Jar, Skilled Dark Magician, Apprentice Magician, Old Vindictive Magician, Magical Marionette, Breaker the Magical Warrior, Magical Plant Mandragola, Magical Scientist, Des Koala, Cliff the Trap Remover, Dark Paladin, Guardian Baou, Cyber Raider, Des Feral Imp, Dark Flare Knight, Berserk Dragon, Exodia Necross, Maju Garzett, Fear from the Dark, Dark Scorpion - Chick the Yellow, D. D. Trainer, Archfiend Soldier, Pandemonium Watchbear, Dark Scorpion - Gorg the Strong, Dark Scorpion - Menae the Thorn, Great Maju Garzett, Mefist the Infernal General, Terrorking Archfiend, Skull Archfiend of Lightning, Dark Master - Zorc, Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End, Des Kangaroo, Strike Ninja, Chopman the Desperate Outlaw, D. D. Scout Plane, Witch Doctor of Chaos, Chaos Necromancer, Chaos Sorcerer, Drillago, Bowganian, Mad Dog of Darkness, Dark Magician of Chaos, Stealth Bird, Mataza the Zapper, Getsu Fuhma, The End of Anubis, Sealmaster Meisei, The Kick Man, KA-2 Des Scissors, Needle Burrower, Blowback Dragon, Goblin King, Kozaky, Pharaoh's Servant, Aswan Apparition, Emissary of the Afterlife, Grave Protector, Night Assailant, Mazera DeVille, Goblin Calligrapher, Dark Mimic LV1, Dark Mimic LV3, Malice Doll of Demise, Elemental Soldier, Mind on Air, Penumbral Soldier Lady, Sanwitch, Bokoichi the Frightnening Car, Heavy Mech Support Platform, Element Saurus, Pitch-Black Warwolf, Big Core, Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast, Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive, Dark Blade the Dragon Knight, Dark Sage, Element Doom, Armed Samurai - Ben Kei, The Dark Hex-Sealed Fusion, Brain Jacker, Gatling Dragon, King Dragun, Tsukuyomi, D. D. Survivor, King of the Skull Servants, Invader of Darkness, Mechanicalchaser, Versago the Destroyer, Corroding Shark, Cyber Soldier of Darkworld, Dragon Seeker, Mikazukinoyaiba, Dragon Warrior, Dokurorider, Dharma Cannon, Toon Cannon Soldier, Clown Zombie, Cosmo Queen, Yaranzo, Megasonic Eye, Three-Legged Zombies, Ushi Oni, Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon, Archfiend of Gilfer, Zoa, Metalzoa, Rare Metal Dragon, Peten the Dark Clown, Familiar Knight, Inferno Hammer, Dark Magician Knight, Lord of the Lamp, Green Kappa, Total Defense Shogun, Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight, Sorcerer of Dark Magic, Devil's Mirror, Zera, Magician of Black Chaos, Gemini Devils, Return Zombie, Chakra, Energy Beast, FGD, Five-God-Dragon and Viser Death.

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