Goddess is one of the youngest author fighter, at the age of twelve. She is also Phoenix of the Darkness's little sister (by two years). She is also one of the least violent author fighters, she will not kill another sentient being (humans, Darksides, Antis, never). Her skills are long range fighting and distracting. One of the things she loves most is music.


After Phoenix left Unity to search for Omega, Goddess soon went after her. She got trained by Ember(Danny Phantom) for some of her music abilities. Ember got killed, Goddess however thought someone who didn't kill her did and she killed him, which scarred her permanently. She took an oath to never kill another thinking feeling being.

She ended up in Konoha, where she learned ninjutsu and some taijutsu, and even gained her keyblade, the Cutting Note. While there, she became close to Konohamaru and friends with his friends Udon and Moeji.

She left Konoha, and kept on searching for Phoenix. She eventually ended up in the Author Fighters world, and met up with the Author Fighters and her sister. After Omega's defeat, she became an Author.


Goddess uses a keyblade, which can serve two purposes. First is as a normal sword, and the second way is that she can hold it like an electric guitar, and strikes notes for various effects, from shockwaves to magic spells.

She uses basic jutsus, as well as some advanced ones. She's able to use Ninja Academy-Level Jutsus, and a few D-Ranks. She's developed some jutsus of her own, that require very few hand seals. She can focus her chakra to her lungs and vocal chords to change her voice, as well as scream long and extremely loudly.

Konohamaru also taught her some higher level techniques. Specifically, she knows the Sexy Jutsu (much to Phoenix's chagrin), the Shadow Clone Jutsu, and the Rasengan to a limited level at the moment, though it still packs a lot of power behind it.

Friends and Allies

Despite the fact that Goddess didn't visit many different worlds, she still has many friends. Notable ones include the gang from the Tri-State Area (Phineas and Ferb), Konohamaru and his friends, and some others.

A prominent friend of hers is a little (emphasis on 'little') girl, whose name is Bree. Bree is only about six inches tall, and has the proportions of a seven year-old. Her species is unknown, but she's definitely not human, though she looks it, except for the size part of it. Goddess found her, and since then Bree has stuck with her, and referred to her as 'mother' or some variation of that. Bree is extremely shy, but also very smart, and can get really violent if she gets mad.


Goddess was trained by Ember as a child, but when Goddess was in Konoha and Ember met up with her there, she didn't remember Ember. At the point where Goddess did remember her, Ember was too wrapped up in evil to forgive Goddess.


"Say hello to my little friend!" (pulls out Bree) When bringing Bree out

"If it's too loud, you're too old!" Any time

"WATERMELON!" As Melon Lord

"My motto is: Burn in heck and screw you all!" Random moment

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