Dark Dimension

The home realm of every Cryptid and also the realm that Drac, the Prince of Darkness himself, rules with a kind heart. Each of the most famous monsters appear from here with portals that connect to where monsters, like Bigfoot or Loch Ness Monster, appear at.

Layout: Think of a old england village that has all of the colors messed up. Has a demonic looking sun, a light orange colored sky, a lake full of monsters,
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Dark Dimension (A small part of town)

Shadow Fighters

A three-man team that is the protecters of the Realm, though there is only three members, they are still very powerful warriors.

Daniel "Drac" Dracula

The Prince of Darkness and the eldest son of Count Dracula. He is a ful-fledge vampire with dark magic powers. His appearance is that of a teenage boy with jet black hair, a gothic looking outfit with a long cape, his eyes are red with silts in them, and his fangs show when he smiles.

Though some people might be surprised by this, but Drac does have a future bride; the Metamorphis Fire user, Janera. The two are a couple, since Drac seems to care deeply about her and Janera think of Drac as "The One". He is also very fond of her friends, except Dairo, who hates him because of the fact that Drac is Janera's future husband.

His many relatives are Dracula, the flirting vampire who used to be the most feared, before he bacame a ladie's man. Irwin, the Mummy/Vapire hybrid who happens

Powers: Can change into smoke, a wolf and a bat (Regular Vampire Bat and a humanoid monster bat), can make a sonic screech, and can use dark magic with incredible ease. Voiced by Derek Stephen Prince

Will Wolfenhowler

The head of his clan of werewolves, he is also a bit of a flirt when it comes to some girls, except fellow werewolf Dawn, since out of honesty...he's scared of her. He and his clan are different then most werewolves since they can change into their wolf forms at will in the morning and night.

His appearance is dark brown hair, gold eyes that turn green in human form, a black shirt and a pair of jeans. His werewolf form just has Dark brown fur and is muscle bound.

Powers: Shape-shifting (To human ro werewolf), Super streanth, super human sense of smell and hearing, advanced speed, and also has a mega howl, which makes anything go flying or fall apart if it's energy or smoke. Voice actors are Kyle Herbert (Human form) and

Franklin Frankenstein

Son of the Frankenstein monsters, and he has a big difference between him and his parents, since he actually shows his great intelligence, since he got the brain of his parent's creator mixed with a teenaged boy's. His hands were destoried once and were replaced with magical metal gauntlents.

His great intelligence gives him the ability to learn many things, like learning how to make any inventions and also learn many languages.

Powers: Super Streangth, can control lightning with his gantlent hands, high grade inteligence, and also durability to almost anything (except Fire)


The three-way hybrid of Drac, Will and Franklin. This monster is created when Drac uses his powers to mix himself (as his bat form) with Will's and Franklin's bodies. He is a strange monster, with a werewolf head and torso, bat wings for arms made of metal, bat-like legs and fangs, a bunch of stitches on his body thanks to Franklin's body.

Main Fear Bringers

These guys are monsters that bring fear to the humans every Halloween night (Nothing against them, it's their job is all)

The Silent Scarecrow

This monster is a ghost taking over a scarecrow for a body. This creature has a strange appearance, with a body made of fabric, full of hay, and also a farmer outfit, along with a stiched up mouth and also empty sockets where his eyes should be, and also a pitchfork in hand at always. His scaring method is pretending to be a regular scarecrow, but when the farmer turns around, he comes to life and freaks them out.


A Gargoyle wtih a mean attitude,  he is a monster with great flight abilities and also fire breath. He may look like a regular statue normally, but when coming to life, he has glowing red eyes, and also still has the stone skin and the demonic body. His scaring method is similar to the Silent Scarecrow's, staying still for a bit and then striking.


The great-great granddaughter of Medusa, making her a gorgon by choice. She has red serpents for hair, but can be ignored thanks to her beautiful features, golden snake-like eyes, sharp fangs for teeth, and also a black dress. Unlike Medusa, she needs to let her snakes bite someone to turn them into stone, not look at them. Her kind look makes her unlikey to be able to scare someone, but her snake hair and eyes can scare someone easily.

Harry Wolfenhowler

The younger brother of Will Wolfenhowler, making him his assisent. This bad teen is exactly like his brother, only more feral in his werewolf form. He is also a bit more of a flirt, he even flirted with Dawn once (though he regreted it later) and he is also a bit more serious then his goofy brother. His appearance included black fur, ripped clothes, and also a "Y" shaped scar under his eye (similar to a tooth from a werewolf's mouth)

The Dark Scar

A ghost that has a meanicing looking scar over his head, making it look like it was spliting it in half. He is see-threw, and also a mean looking dude. He is also very easy to bring fear to others, with his mean looking face and ghostly powers, he can make the most fearless men run in fear.

Jeri the witch

The youngest witch of the realm, she has a great amount of magic at her desposal. She looks really human for a witch, with black hair and tanned skin, along with a black dress and pointed hat. The only thing not human is her yellow eyes with purple pupils in her eyes, along with a wooden wand in her hand and her broomstick, which gives her her flight powers. She also has the power to use her spells to make anything harmless (like a snowball or grafiti) with a wave of her wand. She doesn't mean to scare people, they just run away by just looking at her.


This thing is actually a lone figure with no face or phycical features, except his three toed feet, two fingered hands, two small eyes and mouth, and the fact it can take control of almost everything he can go into. This monster's powers include bringing objects to life by going inside of it.

Slippy the Puppet

This dummy is one of the 'greatest' jokers from the Dark Dimention, he always loves to crack a joke at any moment (like doing visual humor in a form of a silly insult or doing famous gags like drinking water while singing (which he can do with ease)). He also loves to mess with people, like acting like a normal puppet and then freaking the puppeteer out by talking out of turn. His appearance is like any comedy doll, with his over-sized head, bugged out red eyes, huge teeth showing when he talks, a black tuxedo on always and also brown hair made of wood.

Ryphoa the Dragon

A large monsterous dragon that loves to scare the humans more then anything. He looks like any Ancient Time Dragon, with it's long neck, huge bat wings, and many other monsterous body parts.


A giant fire Tiki spirit that loves to freak out people of Hawaii more then anything. He looks like any giant Tiki totem, with the large mouth on his chest, huge cool looking eyes, and also fire sprouting out of his arms, legs, mouth and eyes. His huge arms and legs make him look very intimating.

The Ogre-Triplets

These monsters work like one of those Matryoshka dolls, all two of them are inside of the largest ogre, while the smallest is inside of the medium-sized one.

  • Dongo: The appearent leader of the three and the strongest by muscle. His dark green skin, red eyes, punk outfit and also blue mohawk makes him look like a mean dude, but can be nice when he gets the chance to be. Around his large belly is a large silt, which opens up for his brother.
  • Dengo: The medium member and also the brains. His orange skin, yellow eyes, black short hair and also a tux that barly covers his belly area, moncle and also black gloves makes him look inteligent, which he is. His great streagth is only half of his brother, but he is 10-times smarter then his large brother.
  • Dango: The smallest of the three, and the yougest. His red skin, big purple eyes, short blond hair, and also a full blue shirt and jeans make him look silly, since it barly fits. His huge mouth makes him able to eat almost anything in sight.

Kelto the Brain

A strage dark gray brain creature with 3 long tentacles, two for arms, one for a body, along with two long eye stocks with pink eyes on them, along with long suction cups all over his tentacles. His voice is just a mental brain waves from his body, but is also very inteligent. He is also very mean when he scares people, which is easy to do when he's a large brain.

John O'Lantern

A pumpkin-headed man with a farmer outfit, sespenders and all, and also fire powers. It's steyrotyping about pumpkin-headed monsters get on his bad side, since he's actually a nice guy who loves to farm normally, but can scare when he wants to. But normally he loves to tend to his farm.

Carlos, the Voodoo Wizard/Witch doctor

This is one of the few most human of the realm. He has dark skin, green eyes, make up that looked like a skull, and also a black outfit. He is best known to be able to use dark magic to do what ever he wants, like change people into any animal he wants or bend others to his will with the use of Voodoo dolls. He can also see into the future, by just reading a person's eyes or palm, along with seeing three cards of a person's choice, which actually show the past and a present perfectly, and shows the user a future they want to know, which he knows from his long list of spells. He is kind hearted and generous, compared to his older brother Facilier. He has two partners; Sassa the snake, who works as his pet and cane, and Refo the wolf, who works as his guardian and attacker.

Sassa the Snake

Carlos's pet snake and partner. This monster is actually just a talking snake with black scales for skin and red eyes that glow when angered. His powers include the ability to grow in length, and can also shut people up when needed to by his master. He is also blind, but is able to see things others can't (meaning he has another way of seeing with his eyes), along with the fact he can shape shift from a cane to a serpent at will.

Rafu the Wolf

A mean but meaningful brown furred wolf with one eye missing (replaced with a empty closed socket with a thick scar over it), and also a thick armor on his back. Once human before he almost died, he was changed by Carlos' voodoo magic, making him turn into a powerful wolf, and in exchange for that, he is now the voodoo user's guardian.

Lakoa the Locomotive

The main mode of transportation of the realm. This large living train is similar to a steam locomotive, with green fire and red smoke coming out of it, red eyes and sharp teeth on the main part of this living train. It's insides look was a Halloween-themed area, with magic seatbelts that keep the passengers in, which helps because this train is the fastest vechile in history.

The Headless Horseman

The most famous monster of New England. Forever annoyed because of a prank that involved him, this monster is forever trying to replace the head that he lost in the Revolutionary war. This man is also one of the best scarers in the bussiness, since he's the most famous creature be around

Famous Monsters that appeared in the human realm

Big Foot (Sasquach)

The ape-man himself, who was famous for the pictures that were taken of him. He is said not to exist, but DJ and the FAF know better then that.He and his many relatives, like the SKunk Ape and the Yeti, are also in this realm with him.

Loch Ness Monster

The famous sea-dragon herself, though she isn't a evil creature, she is still dangerous. Though some people thought she was a dinosaur, she proves that she is that of the monster species Dragon. She can also talk in english, which shocked the Af members.


The most famous creature to exist in the U.S.A since the whole bridge incident happened. this monster matches the discription they gave him in the past. He may look villianist, he's actually a good guy.


The monster is actually a ice ape-man wizard named Keriona, who appeared to be a large monster with white fur, blue fleash, really sharp teeth, icy blue eyes, a blue cloak that covers his upper body, has small claws on his hands and his huge, size 27, feet. He is actually really smart and really strong, being from Mount. Everest can help with that.


A large sea serpent from a Brazilian Lake. He is the cousin of Nessie, and is really nasty. With a head that resembles a horse, and a body that resembles a large yellow serpent, this creature is really hard to find. He can look really mysterious when swimming.

The Dover Demon

A strange being with glowing eyes. It is normally never seen, but when seen, he is really strange. His body is humanoid wiht redish black skin, glowing eyes that turn different colors when a different light hits it, along with razor sharp fangs in his mouth, and claws made for ripping people into shreads.

The Oklahoma Octopus

A strange octopus-like monster that lives in a lake in Oklamoma. His large leathery reddish-brown skin makes it look really frightning when angered, with it's red eye glaring at you when it strikes.


The famous blood sucker from Mexico and Central America. This strange looking hound-like beast with spikes going from it's forehead to the tip of it's tail make it look strange, along with it's long sucker tounge which it uses to suck the blood out of it's victiums.

Mongolian Death Worms

Giant worm-like monsters that have mouths similar to Leeches. It's dark red skin makes it easy to survive in the deserts of Mongolia. It is very stealthy, hiding under the sand of the deserts and sneaking up on it's victims, it makes them very dangerous beasts.


The demon hound that lives in Northern Africa most of the time. His main powers are to be in the shadows and attack with ease.


The demonic bat beast from Eastern Africa. It's large body makes it very feared in

Main things to look at in the area

Town square

The main part of the realm, which is where all the creatures live. It's like a large Old Englad town that has a Halloweeny vibe to it, making it look like a town in a 24/7/365 days a year on Halloween night. This place is also where all the monsters meet and chat when ever in town.

Loch Nessica

The Dark Dimension's very own Loch Ness, home of every sea monster in history, like the Kraken, Loch Ness Monster, and many others. The water is a black color, filled with demonic beasts of different shapes and sizes.

Mount. Ice-Beast

The giant mountain that over-looks all of the realm, home to a whole bunch of icy monsters, like Yuki-Onnas or Yetis. The castle has a silver color for the snow, while the rock itself is a goldish yellow color.

Castle Dracula

The home of the Vampire Prince of Darkness, Drac. The castle is a more demonic-like then it's human world counterpart, with demonic stainglass windows with pictures of Halloween objects, like bats or jack-o-lanturn. The outer layer is colors of Halloween; Orange, Red, Black and Green.

Staff of the Castle

  • Norman the Butler: Drac's personal butler, who happens to be a zombie, He is normally a very calm man.
  • Dr. Gordon: The reptilian tutor of Drac's, who taught him everything he knows about the monster realm.
  • Goblin and Orcs: The Elite Guards of the castle, these guys are the most dangerous monsters of the whole realm, Goblins for their speed and brains, and Orcs for their stregth and cleverness. They are normally seen with nightmarish armor with different weapons (As middle-aged like swords and shields, or modern like guns and tanks)
  • Fuwa the Cerburus hound: This monster is the pet of Kitten Hatchigamiguchi, who was found by her in her frist visit to his realm. Now adays, since his kind can't go to the human realm, Drac took to himself to take care of the large monster hound whenever Kitten isn't around. It works as the guardian of the castle. The dog whistle Will gave Kitten gives Fuwa the power to go back to the human realm whenever he is needed or whenever she wants him to play.
  • Kelisa: The Multi-armed female chef of the castle. This monster is pretty good with a knife. She is a unknown creature, since her species doesn't have a offical name.
  • Mothia: the royal gardner's assitent, and a human-sized pixie. She is a kind-hearted person who loves plants.
  • Blossom: the royal gardner. She is a wood nyphm that lives in the realm, she is a very serious girl who loves nature more then anything.

Franken Lab

The home of Franklin, the place where all of the technology of the realm is made. It's like a Sci-Fi nightmare, with it's pitchblack bricks, dark blue roof, and also other strange devices sticking out of the roof and window. There is also a 24/7 rainstorm going on top of the hill it's perched on.

  • Dr. Norval Frankenstein: The great-great grandnephew of the famous scientist, Dr. Frankenstein. Norval is a kind, yet insane, middle-aged man who wanted to recreate the famous monsters that his granduncle created in the past, along with Franklien Frakenstein.
  • Annabell Frankenstein: The teenage daughter of Norval, who is just as intelegent as her father. She seems like a regular girl, but she also has some robotic upgrades for arms and legs, but look 100% human. She also seems to like Franklein, as he does for her, but they're really shy.

Wolfenhowler Manor

The home of Will and his whole clan. It's old fashion Japanese-like mansion look makes it look haunted Though it's home to the realm's most dangerous werewolves, it's also the home of the Realm's greatest werewolf fighters. All of the werewolves have somethings in common; metalic colored eyes, dark hair, and the ability to change into wolf-mode at will.

Known Wolfenhowlers

  • Jennifer "Jenny" Wolfenhowler: Will's and Harry's aunt, and their father's younger sister. She may look nice, but can be vicious when in werewolf mode. Her appearance is black hair and goldish eyes.
  • Mia Wolfenhowler: The youngest of the clan, being around 3 or 4 years old. She also doesn't have her werewolf powers yet, she is expecting to get them when she's around 9 or 10 years old. She is a small girl with dark hair, and bronze eyes.
  • Danny Wolfenhowler: The blabbermouth of the family. He always listens into Will's conversations and blurts it out to everyone he knows. He is a blond-colored wolf with copper eyes.

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