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37 BBY (2007)




  • As the leader of the Ord Mantellian resistance puts a massive terrorist campaign into motion, the Jedi Council sends Divak Tan, a young apprentice, to find an ancient Jedi Master who may hold the secret to peace in the Republic.
  • Amalfiel Daving, with the help of his dastardly pirate accomplice, Pavaan Hor, wreak havoc on Corellia, making impossible demands.


  • Corellian Lord Ksar Antilles, Wilhuff Tarkin, and their young protege Lieutenant Tuil Lindo of the Republic Navy implement a blockade of the Corellia.
  • Amalfiel Daving and Pavaan Hor escape to Nar Shaddaa to meet with the Crime Baron Bulba the Hutt and plot their return.
  • Lord Ksar Antilles, is elected Viceroy and Senator of Corellia. Antilles uses his political influence to have his Tuil Lindo appointed as Viceroy of Ord Mantell.
  • Lord Tarkin and King Bail Organa issue sizable bounties for the capture of Daving and Hor.
  • The bounty hunters Junssk and Kaal Saito capture Daving and turn him over to the young Jedi Divak Tan.



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