Planet Region Ruler Senator
Alderaan Republic Lessex? Bail Organa?
Byss Republic
Bothawui Republic Grezk Bul'lya Korva'lya
Corellia Republic Ksar Antilles
Coruscant Republic
Kashyyyk Republic Mallyykam
Kuat Republic Kisaha Ontio Kisaha Ontio
Merr Sonn Republic
Dac Republic Meena Tills
Ord Mantell Republic
Ryloth Republic
Shili Republic
Sienar Republic Tarkin Eluriel
Thyferra Republic Xibril
Vanix Republic
Dantooine Outer Rim Vaal Hirah N/A
Hoth Outer Rim N/A
Kessel Outer Rim N/A
Norad Outer Rim N/A
Paxo Outer Rim Nash Dragen N/A
Sullust Outer Rim N/A
Tatooine Outer Rim Vaal Hirah N/A
Y'Toub Outer Rim N/A
Yidri VIII Outer Rim Vaal Hirah N/A

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