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Dark Hot Giants are so hot that dark sodium haze appears, making the planets pitch black and featureless. Here is a list of Dark Hot Jupiters that appear at Extrasolar Visions. This list may be updated to incorporate new science and discoveries. For a list of those exactly seen on Extrasolar Visions, see EV Dark Hot Giants.

Dark Hot Jupiters

  • HD 49674 System - Contains the first planet found to have significantly less mass than Saturn.
  • HD 179949 System - Contains the first planet discovered by the Anglo-Australian Planet Search, which is also the first exoplanet whose Magnetic Field was observed. This tidally locked Hot Jupiter was also found to have supersonic winds that caused the eternal night-side hemisphere to be as hot as the day-side one. This system is also the first observed to have planet-induced stellar X-ray activity.
  • HD 68988 System - A dark Hot Jupiter around an yellow dwarf star.
  • HD 168746 System - A dark Hot Jupiter around an yellow dwarf star.
  • HD 217107 System - Contains the first discovered moderately eccentric Hot Jupiter. Its outer planet was suspected when the inner one was discovered and confirmed with four other new multiplanet systems in 2005. Outer planet is highly eccentric and skirts the outer edge of the habitable zone.
  • HD 188753 System - First triple star system found to have a planet.
  • 91 Aquarii System - (aka Psi1 Aquarii) A dark hot jupiter around an orange giant star.
  • HD 73256 System - A dark Hot Jupiter around an yellow dwarf star.
  • HD 63454 System - A dark Hot Jupiter around an orange dwarf star.

Eccentric Dark Hot Jupiters

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