Dark Oak's Greatest of the Monsters from MMPR World of 2006

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Dark Oak's Zyu2 Monsters of the History of Book from Rangerboard
is a plan to destroy for as...Numbuhs 1-5 to created monsters Dark Oak.

Army of the Monsters of MMPR from Dark Oak!

Birds of A Feather
Rita's Seed of Evil
Plague of the Mantis
Grumble Bee (Episode)
Fowl Play

For the Best...Greatest Evil Time as...Vilgax's Zyu2 Monsters, With Metarex of Army in with as Dark Oak's army of the time!

Vilgax's Zyu2 Monsters from the Greatest Footage Guide Best on the Battling with The Rangers, To The Main Enemy of Ben Tennyson in 2007

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