Dark Phantom is a 2008 story about a group of soldiers who fall prey to a giant man-eating mutant while visiting Georgia.


WARNING: Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot, storyline, character, etc., details.

A U.S. goverment satellite crash lands near Atlanta, Georgia and two teenagers find it and bring it back to town. The town's inhabitants open it and release a dealy monster, which is later codenamed Dark Phantom by the United States Army. A team is sent from the Army's defense department to retrieve the satellite, only to die from the monster themselves. The video footage recorded by the retrieval team and their strange deaths capture the attention of General Dan Conway, the head of the defense department, who activates "Wildattack," a team of five scientists who are called upon when high-level extraterrestial threats occur in the United States. The team, headed by its creator Dr. Shawn Fickury, investigate Atlanta. They retrieve the satellite and rescue a hysterical 70-year old man and a baby who survived the Dark Phantom outbreak.

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