Dark Samus
Dark Samus MP3 3
Dark Samus from Metroid Prime 3
NameDark Samus/Metroid Prime
First AppearanceMetroid Prime (GC, 2002)
GenderUnknown (Referred to as female)
Dark Samus MP2

Dark Samus in Metroid Prime 2

Dark Samus, originally known as Metroid Prime, is one of Samus's primary enemies and the main villain of the Metroid Prime subseries.


In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Dark Samus resembles Samus, but with a black, more corrupted version of her Power Suit. Phazon can be seen through her shoulder pads. At the end of the game, her suit becomes transparent, allowing one to see her organs and bone structure, which seem fused to the suit. She has three eyes on her Metroid-esque face, which can only be seen during this transparent suit phase. In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, her suit is much more blue and silver than before, and she resembles Samus more.

History prior to Metroid Prime 3

Metroid Prime second phase

Metroid Prime, Dark Samus's original form

Dark Samus was originally a Metroid, which had been corrupted by Phazon, known as Metroid Prime. Metroid Prime had two forms-a large, multi-legged crab-like creature, and the creature's true form, a large, octopus-like Metroid. The second phase could be destroyed only by using the special Phazon Beam to overload the monster's Phazon intake. As it died, Metroid Prime grabbed Samus's black Phazon Suit. In the secret 100% ending, Dark Samus's hand rises from the Phazon. In Metroid Prime 2, Dark Samus assaults Samus throughout Aether, attacking her twice and hindering her way several other times. Samus eventually kills Dark Samus at the end, but the 100% ending reveals that Dark Samus is still alive.

History in Metroid Prime 3

In Metroid Prime 3, Dark Samus, who was antagonistic towards the Space Pirates in Metroid Prime 2, has made an alliance with the Pirates and is now sending Phazon seeds, called Leviathans, at planets to corrupt them. Dark Samus attacks the Aurora Unit computers and corrupts the bounty hunters with Phazon. At the end of the game, Dark Samus, after being defeated once again, fuses with Aurora Unit 313 (stolen from the Valhalla) to fight Samus one last time. When 313 is defeated, Dark Samus has a Phazon overload and explodes along with the planet Phaaze.


Dark Samus uses Phazon as a weapon. Many of her abilities are Phazon-enhanced versions of Samus's. Dark Samus can also reform herself from anything short of "total atomic disruption".

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
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